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  • September 2007 - In my ongoing quest to lower the electric bill, I'm currently working on some additional circuitry to connect the zone controller for the air conditioning system up to the HAI Omni-Pro II automation controller. I'm connecting each of the five zone thermostats from the EWC Controls UZC3 Zone Controller, along with the compressor stage 1 and stage 2 outputs to individual zone inputs on the HAI controller. I'm using 4 CEL PS2505-4 quad A/C opto-isolator ICs to isolate the 24-volt AC used by the zone controller to trigger the security zones on the HAI Automation Controller. I currently have the first four zone thermostats connected to the HAI. When this project is complete, I will write an application for the computer that will monitor interaction between the zone heating and cooling requests so I can determine how to optimize the heating and cooling cycles to lower the energy bill. My goal is to cut the electric bill in half.