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This is probably my most favorite hobby. Board games are very popular in Europe, but unfortunately, they don't get too much attention in the states. There are literally thousands of great family board games that have been developed all around the world, some even come from the United States, although you rarely see them in stores. Most of the games you see in the United States are repackaged games from the 50's and 60's, party games, trivia games, young children's games, and games based on marketing campaigns for movies. There are so many other board games available, my favorites are family and strategy games.

You can still find some game stores here in the states, some are hobby shops like the HobbyTown here in Lakeland, while others are dedicated game stores. These are few and far between, and whenever I am outside Lakeland, I look for these.

Whenever we are visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Birmingham, AL, I enjoy visiting Nords Games in the mall. They have a really good selection of great board games.

While on vacation at Tybee Island, GA, I found a place called MorningStar Games in Savannah, which was within 30 minutes of our beach house. It is a small store, but they still had quite a few games available, many new games, and some old ones that are now difficult to find.

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