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Tom & Christy
Family Photo Gallery
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2006 London Trip

2012-11-10 Penthouse

2010-06-27 ARRL Field Day

2009-12 Caribbean Cruise

2009-01-08 BCS Championship Game

2008-12-06 Mannheim Steamroller Concert with The Grinch cast at Universal Studios

2008-11-27 Cruise to the Bahamas courtesy of Christy's Parents

2008-11-22 Thomas Kinkade comes to Lakeland

2008-11-22 Gators vs. The Citadel

2008-04-27 Its time for Top Gun

2008-01-01 New Years Day Party with the Andersons

2007-12-01 Lakeland Sharks 9th Soccer Game

2007-11-10 Lakeland Sharks 7th Soccer Game

2007-11-03 Lakeland Sharks 6th Soccer Game

2007-10-28 Halloween Party

2007-10-27 Lakeland Sharks 5th Soccer Game

2007-10-20 Lakeland Sharks 4th Soccer Game

2007-10-06 Lakeland Sharks 2nd Soccer Game

2007-09-29 Lakeland Sharks 1st Soccer Game

2007-09-01 Annual Food Fight

2007-02-24 GMC Acadia

2006-10-22 Halloween Party

2006-07-08 Family Vacation at Tybee Island GA

2006-04-16 Easter at Olivia's

2005-09-20 Slot Car Track

2005-07-23 Visit to the Lewis Lake House

2005-01-14 Randy's Birthday Party

2005-01-01 New Year's Day

2004-12-31 New Year's Eve

2004-12-23 Christmas in Birmingham

2004-12-22 Ice Sculptures

2004-12-20 Christmas in Nashville

2004-04-02 Epic's 2nd Birthday

8/2004 to 4/2005 - New Home Construction