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A little live entertainment.jpg

All vehicle traffic must cross here to get to Xunantunich.jpg

Arrival at Cozumel.jpg

At the top.jpg

Backing into the new dock at Roatan Island.jpg

Basketball aboard ship.jpg

Breakfast fare aboard ship.jpg

Christy and I.jpg

Christy with Honduran President Micheletti.jpg

Climbing these stairs is not as easy as it looks.jpg

Cover is to protect the ruins from sun and rain during excavation.jpg



Elegant dinner night.jpg

Even a miniature golf course.jpg

Fantail pool and spas.jpg

Ferry from the ship to Cozumel.jpg

Fun day at sea.jpg




In port with the Ecstasy.jpg

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins 1.jpg

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins 2.jpg

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins 3.jpg

Kohunlich Mayan Ruins 4.jpg

Lifesize chess (Looking down from our balcony).jpg

Live music.jpg

More ruins currently being excavated.jpg

Narrow steps to get back down.jpg

Nothing like a little seaside golfing.jpg

Our guide dog at Kohunlich.jpg

Our room from the port side.jpg

Our room from the starboard side.jpg

Penty of these guys around.jpg

Relaxing in the sun.jpg

Ski lift to the beach at Roatan Island.jpg

Spas Everywhere.jpg

Starting the cruise off right.jpg

Temple currently under excavation.jpg

The big water slide.jpg

The elevators down to the main deck.jpg

The racing slides.jpg

Three separate water slides.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 1.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 10.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 2.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 3.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 4.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 5.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 6.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 7.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 8.jpg

Tulum Mayan Ruins 9.jpg

View from Kohunlich.jpg

View from the top at Kohunlich.jpg

View from the top at Xunantunich.jpg

View of the ship from the shopping village at Roatan Island.jpg

View towards the bow from our balcony.jpg

We're being watched!.jpg

Would you believe ping-pong while at sea.jpg

Xunantunich 1.jpg

Xunantunich 2.jpg

Xunantunich 3.jpg

Xunantunich 4.jpg

Xunantunich 5.jpg

Xunantunich 6.jpg

Xunantunich 7.jpg

Xunantunich 8.jpg

Xunantunich 9.jpg

Xunantunich Mayan Ruins in Belize.jpg

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