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We're up early again this morning. We got our wakeup call this morning at 4:30. We'll be at the Silverstone Circuit again today. We'll be leaving for the Euston train station this morning at about 6:05, and arriving at the racetrack at 9:25. This will include the apparently obligatory mile walk from Silverstone Village (where the shuttle bus will let us off) and the entrance to the racetrack. We will be seeing the 3rd and final practice this morning at 9:30 - 10:30am, and then the qualifying session at 12:30 - 1:30pm. We'll be leaving the track around 2:50pm for the obligatory return walk to the bus stop in Silverstone Village to return back to the train station in Euston at about 5:45. I'm not sure yet what we'll be doing this evening. Only time will tell... One thing is for sure though, there's no rain in the forecast today. It is supposed to get up to 80 degrees today.

As it turns out even at 1/500 shutter speed, most of the pictures I took yesterday still came out blurry, only two of the 4 track locations provided reasonable pictures. They were good enough for viewing, but not for printing. I will up the shutter speed to 1/1000 today if I can and try to pan the camera during the shots to achieve the same effect I did at the Sebring 12 hour American LeMans Race. The only problem is that from the vantage point we had yesterday, I'm not sure if I'll be able to pan the camera enough. We'll see...

On the trip from the hotel to the Euston train station, we found that we couldn't take the District/Circle to Northern line route that we took yesterday since they were taking the oportunity of the weekend to work on the Northern line track. We had to get back on the District/Circle line at Embankment and continue on to Victoria Station where we could catch the Victoria line to Euston. We arrived at the train station with a good 30 minutes to spare, picked up a light breakfast, and got on the train which left for Northampton at 7:04am. The journey was uneventful and quite relaxing, and I brought the laptop so I could add the commentary for yesterday's trip. Knowing that we will again have a 25 minute walk to the track didn't provide much to look forward to prior to reaching the racetrack.



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