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Well, we have at the last full day of our vacation here in London. We woke up this morning at 5:00am, and we have to be at the Euston station at 8:39am, and arrives in Northampton at 10:09am. The busses from the Northampton train station to the track (ha!) will be running on demand. We'll find out what they mean by "On Demand" this morning. I hope it doesn't mean "whenever they feel like running one". Our travelcard for the underground and bus system finished up yesterday, so we had to buy a single day travel card for 9.80. Since the Temple underground station is closed on Sundays, we will instead be taking bus #11 from a block from the hotel over to Victoria station, where we will pick up the Victoria line to Euston.

The weather forecast today is sunny and warm, with a high of 82 degrees. Our flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, and weather forecast is calling for sunny weather tomorrow and rain on Tuesday.

Today is the day for the British Gran Prix. Fernando Alonso is on pole, Kimi Raikkonen is second, and Michael Schumacher is 3rd. It should be a pretty good race. Of course, the trains from Euston to Northampton won't begin their runs until 8:30am, arriving at 10:09. They didn't put on any extra trains for the race, so we expect to get to the track around 11:15. We will be able to see the race, but probably not any of the pre-race activities.

I'm not sure if we will be able to take any good pictures today. The seats today are reserved, and our seats are in the pit-straight stands, almost to the end of the stands near pit-out. There's probably about a dozen or so seats between us and the end of the stands, and we're about 10 rows up. We should have a reasonable view of one of the two big video screens near the start of pit row, but the fence that is at the edge of the track will probably prevent us from getting any good pictures. Anyway, we'll see.

We haven't made plans for dinner tonight, but we are thinking that we will go somewhere nice to celebrate our last day here.

Update: Despite their conspiriatorial best attempt, we still made it to the Silverstone track and got to our seats 4 minutes before the start of the race!  To view the pictures from the race, click the link at the bottom of the page.

After getting back to the hotel room after the race, we still need to get something to eat and get a few more pictures of things we've seen but didn't get pictures of at the time.

We wanted to get a picture of the Scotland Yard sign. We had driven by Scotland Yard when we were leaving one of our tours from Premier Tours. We went to find it again later, and went to Great Scotland Yard Street, but we couldn't find the building. We later realized that Great Scotland Yard Street housed the original Scotland Yard building, but apparently they grew out of the building and moved, which is why they now call it New Scotland Yard. When we were coming back to the hotel room from the race, we had to go to Victoria Station, which is the bus/train/underground station that we had to go to to catch the bus back to the hotel. On the way back on the bus, we recognized the area that New Scotland Yard was in from the time we had passed it previously. So we went back to find it and get some dinner. This time we had success.... You can't go to London without getting the obligatory picture of New Scotland Yard...

After finding this, we decided that it was time to get something to eat. Since we were hungry and were close to Victoria Station, we decided to eat once again at The Albert Restaurant, where we had eaten on Monday. Since we were relatively early for dinner, they had pork, so I got the Pork and Beef, again with the Stilton and Wild Mushroom Tart as a starter. Christy had the Turkey and the cheesecake for dessert again. This time, they had the Riesling wine which was one that we hadn't tasted before. It was very good.



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