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Pictures and Movies from the Sunday Race



Kimi Raikkonen on the grid waiting for the start of the formation lap.



Below is a movie of the grid formation at the completion of the formation lap. These movies are in QuickTime format. If you need the QuickTime player, you can download it here. Click on the image to view the movie.

In order from left to right are the 1st to 4th spots on the grid. The drivers are (from left to right) Fernando Alonso in the Renault, Kimi Raikkonen in the McLaren-Mercedes, Michael Schumacher in the Ferrari, and Felipe Massa in the other Ferrari.

Dialup / Low-Bandwidth Version of the movie.

 Broadband / High-Bandwidth Version of the movie.






Below is a movie of the start of the race

Dialup / Low-Bandwidth version of the movie.

Broadband / High-Bandwidth version of the movie.



This was taken at the end of the race with the drivers on the winners podium, during the playing of the national anthem of Spain, for Fernando Alonso, the winner of the race.



The winner of the race on the high stand of the podium is Fernando Alonso. Second place to his left in the red drivers suit is Michael Schumacher. Third place to Alonso's right is Kimi Raikkonen, accepting the trophy.




The winners waving to the crowd after the playing of the Spanish national anthem.




The obligatory spraying of the champagne after the playing of the national anthem. Anyone foolish enough to be remaining on the podium after the playing of the national anthem will end up getting soaked worse than any water ride at Disney! This poor fellow will remember next time....