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Today, we're on our own! No tour bus, no schedule (almost), and most importantly, no rain! It's bright and sunny this morning. It's about 67 degrees this morning, and it's supposed to get up to get up to a high of 77 around 4:00pm today. It's supposed to be sunny with wind between 2 and 5 mph. Another beautiful day!

Today is our catch-up day. We're going to visit the places we haven't had time to visit last Sunday. Our schedule consists of the following:

  • Shakespeare's Globe Theater Exhibition
  • Visit to the Charles Dickens Museum
  • Visit to the British Museum
  • Visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum
  • Lunch at Sherlock Holmes Pub
  • Visit to St. Paul's Cathedral
  • Visit to Madame Tussauds
  • Get some pictures (during the daylight hours) of the places that we've eaten at while we've been here.

On the schedule for tomorrow:

  • Watch the morning and afternoon practices for the British Gran Prix
  • Visit Harrod's
  • Take night pictures of the Tower Bridge

On the schedule for Saturday

  • Watch the morning practice and afternoon qualifying for the British Gran Prix
  • Dinner at The Medieval Banquet
Globe Theater Tour Holmes Museum Dickens Museum Thursday Dinner