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Shakespeare's Globe Theater has been built three times. The first time, it was built in 1958, and was the location that many of Shakespeare's plays were performed. The theater burned down in 1613, when, during a play, a cannon was fired with poor aim, and caught the thatched roof on fire, which burned the theater to the ground in about four minutes. The theater was rebuilt in 1614 with a tiled room, and was subsequently closed in 1642, and demolished by the Puritans in 1644. It wasn't rebuilt again until recently in 1977, but not in the original site. It was however built nearby to the original site. It is currently the only building in London that is allowed to have a thatched roof. It wasn't until 1989 that the original location of the theater was discovered through the remnants of its foundation. You can find out more about the theater at the official website here.

Our London Pass provided us with free admission for the theater tour, which takes you inside to look at the theater. Below are some pictures taken inside the theater.

Below is a picture of the stage used to perform plays. Wood is the only material used to construct the stage, and it is painted to provide all of the effects you see below.

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