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After lunch we drove to Oxford to see the Christ Church College of Oxford University. On the way, we passed through the Cotswolds. Cots means sheep, and wolds are the hillsides where they live, thereby giving the area the name The Cotswolds. This is an interesting village since there are many cottages there which still have thatched roofs. Even some newer cottages are being made with thatched roofs. We didn't stop in the Cotswolds, the bus driver slowed down to a leisurely speed as the tour guide talked about some of the cottages in the village. I wasn't able to get any usable pictures of the thatched roofed cottages, but you can find out more about the cotswolds here.

Shortly after passing through the Cotswolds, we had to pull over to the side of the road and stop as one of the men on the tour got off the bus and ducked behind some bushes next to the road. A few moments later, he returned looking quite relieved. Maybe that event will take some of the heat off of Christy for the incident getting on the bus after lunch... Apparently, his wife had told him not to have that half-pint of ale, and once this was revealed, Damien thereafter referred to him as "half-pint".



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