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After lunch, we headed over to Bath, where the Roman Baths are. One of the things we passed on the way was quite interesting. They have their own equivalent of Kobe Beef, except with pork. They take special care of the pigs, and each pig lives in their own house. We saw an example of this while we were on the way to bath. This picture was taken from inside the bus while we were moving, so the image clarity isn't great, but you get the idea. I wonder how they remember which house is theirs. They all look alike. You will need to scroll to the right to see the entire image.

On the way into the town of Bath, we crossed over a bridge that you wouldn't know was a bridge because there are shops on either side of the road (bridge). If you look through the windows of the shops and out through the back windows of the shops, then you could see the river below. This is the view from Bath looking back at the bridge and its shops.

Click here to hear what it sounded like.

It appears that there is a church that you can see if you look at the skyline above the right arch of the bridge. Believe it or not, this picture was taken from the same place as the picture of the bridge above. It's amazing what you can do with 8 MegaPixels and a 10x zoom...

The picture below is of the front of the Bath Abbey. I think it was one of the best landmarks that we've seen since we've been here. Anyone is allowed to enter and look around, and they allow you to take pictures inside the abbey.

Anyone who builds a building in Bath today, must use this same honey-colored stone. Now that's a deed restriction!



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