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Christy had made reservations yesterday to eat dinner tonight at The Albert. This is one of the pubs that is listed in "The London Pass" guide, and they had a free bottle of wine for London Pass holders. This is a very nice pub. The "pub" was located on the ground floor, with the restaurant on the floor above it. They had a carving bar in the restaurant with Beef, Pork, and Turkey. The special for London Pass was for a 2-course meal. You choose your courses as the main course with either a starter (appetizer) or dessert. I decided to have an appetizer of the Stilton and Wild Mushroom Tart, and a main course of the Beef and Turkey. They were out of pork since it was pretty late by the time we arrived. Christy had the Turkey with a raspberry cheesecake dessert. The Stilton and Wild Mushroom Tart was excellent. I highly recommend it. The Stilton is a cheese that was mixed with cooked mushrooms into a pastry that looked something like a pot pie, with a soft outer crust. They had a Riesling wine on the wine list that we wanted to try, but they didn't have any in stock, so we had to try something else.

You can always tell the pubs in London because of the hanging sign that is about 25 feet above the entrance.



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