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Once the parade ceremony was over, we went took a river cruise that embarked from the London Eye, and headed up the Thames toward the Tower Bridge. We saw Big Ben, and the houses of parliment, along with the rebuilt Shakespeare's Globe Theater. It's the only building in London with a thatched roof. It was starting to get a little overcast again, but still no rain...

Below are some typical buildings along the Thames river that are part of the distinct architectural content of London.

At the end of the river cruise, we saw Shakespeare's Globe Theater. They have a tour that you can take, which we were able to take for free on another day, thanks to our London Pass. They still have theater shows in the Globe Theater, and the building next to it contains many costumes used by the theater, along with a history of the theater, and a mystery that you can solve (if you have enough time).

The river cruise ended here, and it was a short walk to the east to reach our lunch destination, The Thameside Inn. This was also right on the river. I ordered the roast pork, and was one of the last two people to be served lunch (along with another person at our table), so I had to rush through lunch in order to get finished in time to head back to the tour bus. We were told that the cook had miscounted and that was why my lunch was late.

Directly to the right of this picture is a replica of the Golden Hinde ship, which has actually sailed around the world more times than the original.

While we were walking between the Globe Theater and the Old Thameside Inn, we came across a small prison museum which looked interesting, but we didn't have enough time to get back to it to see inside.



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