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From here, we went to lunch at one of the local pubs, and then we took the tour bus over to Westminster Abbey, where we had a private tour. This is the well-known facade of the abbey. By the time we got here, it looked like it was going to rain, but we were still fortunate and no rain fell.

We weren't allowed to take any pictures inside the abbey, but we learned that many people are buried in the abbey. There are large stone or marble covers set in the floor that mark the burial sites, which are divided into sections, such as Scientists, and Poets. Since the covers of the burial sites are part of the floor, they are walked on by patrons inside the abbey. There is one burial cover that is not allowed to be walked on, which is the equivalent of our Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery. There are many separate rooms within the abbey which contain additional burial sites, as well as sites for some of the kings. The high altar is inside, where all of the coronation ceremonies are performed. The ceilings inside the abbey are 90' tall with some unbelievably detailed relief work. We found out that one of the people buried in the abbey is Charles Dickens. There are many memorials to people such as Shakespeare, who are not buried at the abbey. All of the memorials are on the walls of the sections that they would otherwise belong. There is also a memorial to Franklin D. Roosevelt.

We finished up the tour at 5:45 by having afternoon tea at The Orangery in Kensington Gardens.

After having tea, we returned back to Victoria Station where the tour ended. Almost every day, we passed by The Marble Arch in the bus, but each and every time, it was on the wrong side of the bus. This is the best picture I could get of it from the bus since we didn't have a chance to get back to get a better picture of it.



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